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A revolutionary process that introduces a cutting-edge approach to corrosion removal and surface preparation. At the heart of this innovation is a specially crafted rotary bristle tool, meticulously engineered to achieve dual objectives: eradicating corrosion and creating a superior anchor pattern. What sets this technique apart is the dynamic tuning of the rotary bristles to the power of the tool, yielding impactful results through the controlled impact and instantaneous retraction of bristle tips from the corroded surface.

The process entails bristle tips that deliver kinetic energy with a force comparable to traditional grit blast media, resulting in a distinctive texture and visual clarity that emulates the meticulous grit blasting procedure. Recent comprehensive tests have yielded astounding outcomes, showcasing the capability of the bristle blasting tool to perform on par with time-honoured grit blasting methods.

Remarkably, the bristle blasting technique has proven its prowess in rejuvenating corroded and pitted steel surfaces, restoring them to a near-white or white metal appearance post-treatment. Furthermore, the process consistently achieves an anchor profile ranging from 65 to 83 microns on standard steel, ensuring optimal adhesion for subsequent coatings.

Adaptable to diverse scenarios, the Bristle Blaster is available in Cordless, Electric, and Pneumatic variants. Notably, the Bristle Blaster Pneumatic tool carries the coveted ATEX approval, attesting to its safety in Zone 1 environments characterized by potentially explosive atmospheres.

In essence, Bristle Blasting marks a monumental leap in corrosion mitigation and surface preparation, seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with exceptional results. Experience the future of surface restoration – where efficiency, safety, and environmental consciousness converge.

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