EM121 Epoxy Rust Proofing Paint

Trev's Blog about Rustbuster EM121 Epoxy Mastic

“Rustbuster EM121 Epoxy Mastic, what a fantastic finish, what a fantastic product!
Automotive paint suppliers typically sell products for accident repair, these products are porous absorbing moisture from the atmosphere causing rust under the primed surface during long term restoration.
Rustbuster have tailor made non-porous products specifically designed for longer projects.”

Rustbuster’s award winning EM121 epoxy mastic rust proofing paint is a two-pack high build primer/finish that can be used on steel, aluminium, galvanised metal and GRP.

It is perfect for car underbodies, including chassis, floor pans, sills, foot wells, wheel arches and suspension components, as well as engine bays. It has also been used in yacht keels, decorative ironwork (including gates, fences and garden furniture), steel buried underground, bridges, tunnels and canal boats.

EM121 is a versatile paint that has multiple applications:

  • A high build all-in-one primer/finish coat, with a super-hard finish (no need for a top coat) to rival powder coating, yet it’s easily applied by the DIY enthusiast.
  • A primer/barrier coat that can be overpainted with single or two pack products.
  • A surface filler when used un-thinned to fill pits in steel up to 500um (microns) deep.

Why is EM121 so effective?

EM121 combines nano fine pigments and an epoxy resin that penetrates the surface to form a bond that will not flake or peel. It sets hard, while still flexing with the surface to maintain superb adhesion. It has excellent impact resistancy, but even when chipped moisture cannot travel beneath it due to the primary bond with the surface.

“It gave the best anti-corrosion results with no visible signs of rusting along the panel or the score mark – tough enough for a stand alone chassis coating.” OnTest Verdict in Practical Classics Magazine

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