Custom Car Covers

Rustbuster is newly appointed distributor of Coverzone custom vehicle covers.   

Coverzone specialises in the design and manufacture of bespoke vehicle covers. We have hundreds of fully tailored patterns & over 12,000 covers in stock for immediate despatch. Our range caters for the most popular cars from the 1930s to date & includes mopeds, motorbikes, sports cars, classic cars, city cars, hatchbacks, saloons, estates, limousines, SUV’s 4x4s, vans and campers.

Before delving into the realm of custom car covers, it’s vital to grasp their importance. Custom car ar covers serve as a safeguarding barrier against a range of environmental elements, encompassing UV rays, rain, snow, dust, bird excrement, tree sap, and more. A high-quality custom car cover not only conserves your car’s paintwork but also averts potential harm arising from external factors.

While universal car covers may offer fundamental protection, personalized car covers elevate this safeguarding to an entirely new standard. Opting for a custom-fit cover ensures comprehensive protection for every inch of your vehicle. Some key benefits associated with personalized car covers include:

  • Impeccable Fit: Custom car covers are meticulously crafted to match your car’s specific make and model, guaranteeing a snug fit and maximal coverage.
  • Enhanced Safeguarding: Premium materials and precise stitching render personalized covers robust and adept at delivering top-tier protection.
  • Style and Individuality: Select from a diverse range of colours, patterns, and materials to mirror your distinct style and preferences.
  • Effortless Installation: Custom car covers are designed for easy application and removal, streamlining their usage.
  • Elevated Resale Value: By upholding your car’s exterior in flawless condition, a tailored cover can positively influence its resale value.


Do prices include vat?  

All prices shown are plus vat at 20%. Carriage will be added during checkout, if the cover is over £90.00+vat shipping will be FOC as per Rustbuster T&C’s.

I am overseas. Can I order & what’s the price?  

Overseas shipments are sent by speedy tracked services at economical rates. Shipments for US & Canadian customers are sent from our US depot by UPS Ground or equivalent service & delivery time is usually 3 to 6 working days. Customers outside the UK & EU will receive vat free pricing.

Will a cover scratch or damage my car or bike?  

All our materials are designed for use with painted vehicle surfaces & all fittings included are non-scratch. Be sure to read the instructions supplied with every cover to ensure perfect results.

What is the difference between Apollo, Stormforce & Monsoon Covers?  

Apollo & Stormforce covers are fully waterproof yet breathable covers & are designed for use all year round. They are particularly designed for cars that are used frequently. Monsoon covers are fully waterproof, non-breathable but vented covers that are designed for winter only storage. These are best used with vehicles that are not used for weeks or months at a time.

How long does it take to fit/remove a tailored cover & is it a one person job?  

Once you have fitted a cover a couple of times you will find the method to be easy to fit alone & it should take less than two minutes to fit or remove & store away.

How do the underbody straps work?  

Our detachable straps can be placed on the ground in the parking space desired. Drive over the straps avoiding the plastic clips and then fit the cover. You can then snap the strap fasteners in place & the job is done!

How long will my cover last?  

We would expect a life of 5-8 years with Apollo & Kalahari covers & 3-5 years with our other covers if used in typical conditions and according to our care instructions that are supplied with every cover.

Can I have something printed on my cover?  

Not as a one off. We can print covers in batches but minimum batch quantities apply.

Can I leave a cover on for months at a time?  

We always suggest taking covers off the car every 2-3 weeks to stretch the elastic hems and to allow you to check the cars bodywork. In the UK the car will remain damage free if left for longer than 2-3 weeks.

I’ve had a respray. Can I fit a cover straight away?  

Generally if the car has been baked in an oven a cover can be used 1 week later. If the car has not been baked we suggest that you ask the painter for advice as some paint processes continue to harden foWr 3-5 months.

What about storm damage?

We use very strong latest generation materials that will resist wind damage to gusts of up to 60mph. If winds & storms over Stormforce force 10 (63mph) are forecast, the cover should be removed until conditions improve. Clearly where structural damage to buildings can occur, it’s possible that a fabric cover outdoors will become damaged & our standard warranty specifically excludes storm damage.

What about my aerial/antenna?  

Most modern cars have aerials that simply unscrew counter clockwise. Remove the aerial & store it safely in the car. Be sure to check that the aerial base will not damage the cover & if necessary, pad the area with a piece of hollowed out polystyrene or soft cloth.

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