MBX Metal Blaster Surface Preparation Technology

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MBX® automotive systems are a significant step up in handling and performance compared to alternative surface preparation tools.

Flexible belts are inserted loosely into a cage-like adaptor system and secured with safety arms. The centrifugal force created by rotation causes the belt to tighten and work as if suspended on an air cushion. This absorbs vibration, protecting the surface from damage and drastically improving user comfort – especially when used for extended periods.

  • A specialist, highly effective way to quickly remove rust, paint, underseal and sealants.
  • Greater adaptability to contoured areas, so you can work in tight spaces that other tools can’t reach.
  • Easily feathers into existing coatings.
  • Minimal loss of base material.
  • Doesn’t clog or gum up due to minimal generation of heat.

Within the range are the pneumatic, 110v and 240v variants of the Metal Blaster, and the pneumatic Die Blaster. Rustbuster also offers a full range of accessories and spares.

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