Truck Bed Liners – TOUGHOX

The most durable 2K polyurethane structured coating on the market. ToughOX is ideal for application to truck bed liners, heavy machinery and many other industrial structures that require the ultimate protection.  

Why Choose Toughox Truck bed Liner?   

Polyurethane Composition: Polyurethane is a versatile polymer that offers excellent durability, chemical resistance, and flexibility. It’s often used in applications where a high level of protection is required. In the context of truck bed lining, polyurethane coatings provide resistance to impacts, abrasion, chemicals, and UV radiation.

Structured Coating: The term “structured” implies that the coating forms a textured or patterned surface when applied. This texture not only enhances the appearance of the truck bed but also helps prevent cargo from sliding around during transportation. The texture can be adjusted based on the specific requirements and preferences of the truck owner.

Coating System: The coating system consists of two components: a polyurethane resin (Part A) and a curing agent (Part B). These components need to be mixed together in specific proportions, usually following the manufacturer’s instructions, to initiate the curing process. Once mixed, the coating is applied to the truck bed using spray equipment or other appropriate application methods.

Curing and Drying: After the two components are mixed, a chemical reaction begins, leading to the curing of the coating. This process typically involves the polymerization of the polyurethane molecules, resulting in a strong and durable coating. Curing times may vary depending on factors such as temperature and humidity.


Protection: The primary purpose of a truck bed liner is to protect the bed from scratches, dents, chemicals, and corrosion caused by heavy loads, tools, and cargo.
Enhanced Durability: The polyurethane structure adds durability and impact resistance, extending the lifespan of the truck bed.
Anti-Skid Surface: The textured surface created by the coating helps prevent cargo from shifting during transport.
Customization: The choice of texture and color allows for customization to match the truck’s aesthetics.
Application: Applying a 2K polyurethane coating system requires proper surface preparation, which usually involves cleaning, sanding, and possibly priming the truck bed. The coating is then sprayed or rolled onto the surface, and adequate drying time is allowed for the coating to cure fully.

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