ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Formula Protects, Penetrates and Lubricates

ACF-50 is an excellent anti-corrosion/lubricant thin fluid film that penetrates deep into crevices for corrosion protection. Originally designed for use in the aerospace sector to support flight safety, ACF-50 is widely used on vehicles of all types.

ACF-50 deactivates corrosion and prevents further corrosion, remaining active for up to a year per application. It also has excellent properties as a lubricant that will not gum up mechanisms as it does NOT contain any wax, resin or silicon.

Apply it to provide protection under and between panels, in lap joints, around rivet heads and so on. Moisture will be dissipated in these corrosion prone areas.

Using ACF-50 as part of your preventative maintenance programme will keep your vehicle running and looking like new.

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