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MBX® Systems are different from conventional surface preparation systems in that MBX® Systems are based on several physical principles. Flexible belts are inserted loosely into a cage-like adaptor system and secured with safety arms. The centrifugal force created by rotation causes the belt to tighten and work as if suspended on an air cushion.

Vibration-free operation

The vibration of the wire bristles that occurs when the bristles strike the target surface is absorbed by the air-cushion. The bristles re-strike the target surface at rest (without vibration). This achieves the maximum kinetic energy.

MBX® Belt Technology

MBX® Belts consist of individual, U-shaped bristles anchored in a polyamide fabric. Made of carbon spring steel, the bristles have heat treated tips that strike the target surface individually during rotation


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  • The bristles are U-shaped anchored in the polyamide fabric.

  • Avoid toxic fumes and no smearing during the removal of sticky materials

    (e.g. removal of underbody coatings in the automotive industry

  • No removal of healthy material, no deformations.

  • High degree of adaptability when working on contoured areas or areas with sharp edges.

  • Because of their design, each bristle tip strikes the target surface twice per rotation.

  • Specially heat-treated bristle tips with a hardness up to 68 HRC (Rockwell hardness)

    provide for a level of hardness never before achieved with conventional brush technology.









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