Wax application and injection equipment, choices, choices, choices

Wax application and injection equipment, choices, choices, choices

Choosing the correct tools for the job is always a key consideration along with a number of key factors, this blog is designed to provide some further information on all of the stocked wax application and injection equipment. In this article we’ll consider cost, quality, ease of use and provide some technical details for the tool.

First up is the Lemmer HD460

Lemmer began producing professional quality spray equipment in 1965 from Calgary, Canada and manufacturer everything from air guns right up to electrostatic equipment.

The HD460 is a professional piece of kit and is in the hands of many rustproofing centres being used daily to apply underbody and cavity waxes. Build quality of this tool is exceptional, all spares are replaceable and readily available. Capable of spraying both low viscosity cavity wax and high build underbody wax the pressure vessel is able to apply wax at up to 125 psi assuring good atomisation. The gun comes complete with a 90° flexible cavity hook wand, a 360°degree cavity wand, 45° cavity wand and a flat spray under body coating tip. The 1ltr pressurised vessel holds enough material anymore would add to much extra weight whilst trying to move freely.

The HD-460 requires 2 – 8 cfm of air. For application of thin cavity waxes about 20 – 40 psi. For thicker waxes  60 – 90 psi.

Maximum operating pressure of 125 psi ensures good atomisation of most products. Suiatble for all underbody and cavity waxes.

The Lemmer HD460 is very easy to use, high quality wands and snap fittings help with this, the addition of a regulator provides all the control needed. The tool is made of high-grade material and easily cleanable. The tool at present is £225.00+vat and is the most expensive tool featured but is clearly the best quality tool available here and if you are using this professionally then we would recommend you stop here.

Next up The Pro-Wax injection Kit

Rustbuster are currently supplying the Sealey SG18 with the addition of Rustbuster’s brass bullet tip.

This is an excellent underbody and cavity wax application kit for the restoration enthusiast – or anyone looking to invest in rust prevention for their vehicle. The kit comes with a 360° injection wand, 90° hook wand, brass bullet tip, the wands and tip are quick fix attachable via snap connectors. Again with a 1ltr resvoir to hold material this gun is suitable for spraying all underbody and cavity waxes. I myself have waxed and injected many vehicles using these kits and they are fantastic value for money, have never let me down, though can take a little longer to get the perfect set-up over the lemmer. Priced at currently £85.00+vat they really are a must for any restoration enthusiast.

Next up Underseal gun with cannister and Inection Probe

Priced at just £55.00+vat coming with a 360° injection wand this is a great piece of kit, some additions will be needed to attach your airline. Also available with this tool is the optional 600mm extension probe. However, it does require an enormous amount of air at 13cfm when applying underbody wax! This tool is new in at Rustbuster so we’ll do a full review soon, watch this space.

At Rustbuster we also stock the Waxoyl High Pressure pump Sprayer, this is a pump action sprayer and really relies on you heating the product to reduce the viscosiry (thickness) enough to get it through the gun to the substrate. Underbody schutz guns are a cheap tool costing around £14.00+vat, very basic bt of kit and typically don’t last long, for me these guns work well with stonechip products but aren’t great with underbody and cavity waxes due to the fact yu can’t run the gun at as higher pressure as all the other guns. Rustbuster also stock a number of products in aerosols cans to make the job a little easier.

Never has car rustproofing been so easy!!!

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