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Pro-Wax Injection kit, including 2 x probes and spray tip. £75.00 ex VAT
Spare probe kit/ 2 x probes 1 x snap connector £15.00 ex VAT
1000 mm long rigid 360 degree probe £49.50 ex VAT
800 mm HP ( 125 psi) 360 Degree spray pattern flexible wand. £19.75 ex VAT
Profesional Mini air regulator with guage fits gun handle £22.50 ex VAT
Z Swivel for gun handle ( no hose tangles) £9.95 ex VAT
Gun service kit seals £10.00 ex VAT

Product Information

This is an entry level Professional spray and injection kit and an excellent DIY kit for the restoration enthusiast. The Pro-wax kit comes complete with an 800mm x 360 degree cavity wax injection wand - a Hook spray wand for spraying cavity wax in a fan pattern at 90 degrees - All wands are quick fix attachable via snap connectors. A specially Rustbuster manufactured bullet tip is also included for fine spraying of Higher build underbody waxes.

Operating temperature 20 - 90 psi

Air consumption ( approximately 5 - 7 cfm) wax varies in viscosity with temperature.

Clean up with white spirit only. ( gun wash or standard thinner will damage the rubber seals)

There are many of these guns that look similar this piece of equipment has been carefully selected by Rustbuster to be of the best quality and comes complete with Rustbuster's own development improvements and parts. You will not be disappointed.

This injection outfit will inject via the cavity wands the following products.

Owatrol oil

Techshield Cavity wax

Rustbuster Mil-Spec Cavity wax thinned.

Rustbuster Corrolan Ramsoil heated or thinned

Sikaguard 6220

Sikaguard 6250

It will also inject other brands of low viscosity cavity wax.

This gun will spray via the round spray tip.

Techshield Black Underbody wax

Rustbuster Mil-Spec wax neat

Rustbuster Corrolan Ramsoil neat

Sikaguard 6260 Black underbody wax

And other heavy white spirit based wax underbody treatments

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