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Product Details

Rust Proofing Fluid Film Liquid A

FLUID FILM Liquid A is an anti-corrosive coating, lubricant and penetrant for all metals. It provides protection against attack by moisture and salt solutions, and may be applied to soften and remove heavy rust. It is excellent for storage or shipment of metals and equipment, and is used in the maintenance of aircraft, heavy machinery, marine equipment (such as rudders, voids, inaccessible areas), mining equipment, farm machinery and automobiles.

It’s ideal and in wide use as a vehicle underbody coating, penetrating into the metal’s surface, creating a non-drying barrier. It also works its way into seams and other crevices that are often especially prone to corrosion, driving out moisture and minimising further ingress.

Another benefit of Fluid Film for vehicle underbody protection is that it remains translucent. This means you can inspect the vehicle for any warning signs of corrosion. Fluid Film can then be removed with white spirit, the corrosion treated, and Fluid Film reapplied.

Lanolin-based protection

Lanolin is a natural product extracted from sheep’s wool and is non-toxic, so is not hazardous to you. It is also safe on paint, plastics and many rubber items – but note that you should keep it away from rubber that is not oil-resistant.


Oily amber transparent liquid. Lanolin-based coating. Solvent free. Non-toxic. Will not evaporate. Reacts with moisture to form a soft gelatinous barrier. This mixture is chemically combined and thus is unavailable to cause corrosion.

Directions for applying Fluid Film

First, prepare the surface with a thorough clean, ideally with a degreaser and power wash. We advise removing as much loose rust as possible with a wire brush or other suitable tools/abrasives. If any surface corrosion remains, treat it with Fe-123 Rust Converter prior to application of Fluid Film.

When applying through the use of compressor-based spray equipment:

  • Shake/stir the product before use.
  • Thinning shouldn’t be required, but if it is you can add a small quantity of vegetable oil.
  • Coverage is approximately 5 square metres per litre.
  • Recommended air pressure with a compressor is 60-80 psi. With airless equipment the recommended pressure is approx. 2,000 psi.

If you do not already have a suitable spray gun, Rustbuster’s Schutz undercoating/injection gun or Pro Wax undercoating/injection gun will both be ideal for use with Fluid Film.

(Note: application with a pump/hand/garden sprayer is not recommended).

You can order Fluid Film in aerosols or US one-gallon cans above. We can also supply 18 litre drums – please contact us for pricing and availability.

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