Rustbuster Safer Rust Remover is BACK!

Safer Rust Remover Dipping Solution  – New Formula

This highly efficient rust removal liquid  dipping solution operates at near-neutral pH levels, effectively eliminating surface rust and deeply pitted rust from both ferrous metal and stainless steel. Proven to be highly effective on all types of mild steel and iron, even for removing deep rust. It serves as an excellent dipping solution, revitalizing rusted components such as nuts and bolts to a rust-free condition.

Notably, Safer Rust Remover is safe on all surfaces, posing no harm to copper, brass, aluminium, plastic, rubber, vinyl, or most paints. With its non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic, and acid-free (pH8) formulation, it stands out from acid removers. Unlike its acidic counterparts, Safer Rust Remover ceases its action upon loosening all rust, leaving a washable brown sludge.

This formulation ensures no hydrogen embrittlement of steel or steel alloys, contributing to its biodegradable and water-based nature. As it gradually dissolves layers of rust down to a molecular level, original casting marks and seams are revealed as if new.


24Hours dipped in Safer Rust Remover

A notable benefit is its compatibility with mixed metal components, assuring the cleaning of all without risk. Entire assemblies can be immersed without damage to rubber or gasket materials.

When using Safer Rust Remover as a dipping solution, it is crucial to degrease and remove heavy rust or failing paint with a wire brush before immersion. Maintain the solution at approximately 25-30 degrees, utilizing an aquarium heater in the bucket or a dustbin for larger assemblies. Regularly assess progress, cleaning accumulated sludge with water and a nylon bristle brush. Avoid reintroducing sludge to the solution to prevent continued action on the remnants. If evaporation occurs, replenish lost fluid with water.

Patience is key, as Safer Rust Remover is not a quick fix. To prevent flash rusting, submerge cleaned components until ready for painting or coating with rust-inhibiting oil or wax. The solution can be reused until performance diminishes, separating iron content using a strainer when pouring the used solution, and storing the remaining solution in a sealed container to prevent evaporation or contamination.

Rustbuster Safer Rust Remover comes in 1ltr and 5ltr bottles and the Safer Rust Removal Kit (contains Tub, Heater, 1ltr Safer Rust Remover and stiff washing brush).


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