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Kit yourself out for surface preparation with this assortment of tools. We've put together a kit so that you'll always be able to grab the drill and attach the required rust removal tool. An easy, value-for-money way to ensure you'll be ready for the task. 

1x Steel Wire End Brush - The go-to power tool attachment for tackling loose rust. Light/medium duty crimped steel brush with 6mm shank.
1x End Twist Knot Brush - Deliver extra abrasion to loosen stubborn rust. Heavy duty flat trimmed wire brush with 6mm shank.
1x 75mm Twist Knot Wire Wheel - Another heavy duty tool for rust removal, leaving a coarse profile. Wire wheel with 6mm shank.
1x Wooden Handled Wire Brush - Sometimes only manual brushing gets the job done. Sturdy 4 row wire brush.
1x 100mm Nylon Web Abrasive Wheel - For surface preparation, rust and paint removal, descaling, deburring and preparation of welding seams.
1x50mm Rotary Steel Wire Cup Brush - Ideal for rust and paint removal, descaling, deburring and the preparation of welding seams.
1x Blow Moulded Carry Box


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