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1.25 ltr Starter pack Epoxy Mastic inc thinner £28.50 ex VAT
2.25 ltr Chassis pack Epoxy Mastic inc thinner £52.50 ex VAT
6 ltr pack Epoxy Mastic inc thinner £99.50 ex VAT
Custom made colour 5 ltr inc thinner £99.50 ex VAT
EXTRA * Epoxy Thinner only 1 ltr £14.50 ex VAT
EXTRA * Epoxy Thinner only 250ml £4.95 ex VAT
EXTRA * Epoxy Thinner only 500ml £8.50 ex VAT

Product Information


Epoxy -Mastic 121 is supplied in standard Black * 13 other colours are available and can be selected from the EM121 homepage otherwise Black will be delivered as the default colour option. The kit is supplied as a two component mix complete with thinners. Equal quantities of component A & B are supplied with each available pack size ( Easy mix ratio 1:1 by volume). Starter and Chassis packs are supplied with 250ml of Epoxy thinners 5Ltr pack sizes are supplied with 1 ltr of Epoxy thinners. 10 ltr packs are supplied with 2 ltrs of thinners eg; 12 ltr in total. Packs are supplied with mixing instructions. All colours can be over painted with single or two pack products.

Epoxy Mastic EM121 will resist Temperatures of up to 150c, Maximum before discolouration is 200c , Maximum before blistering is 350c

* The default colour on selection is BLACK all the other colours are on a drop down menu under BLACK. Click on arrow to the right of the word BLACK.

Coverage and pack description

Starter pack 1.25 Ltr Covers approx. 5 m2

500ml comp A + 500 ml Comp B + 250 thinner

Chassis Pack 2.25 Ltr Covers approx. 10m2

1 Ltr comp A + 1 Ltr comp B + 250 ml thinner

6 Ltr Pack Covers approx. 25m2

2.5 ltr Comp A + 2.5 Ltr Comp B + 1 Ltr thinner

5 Ltr Custom made colour covers approx. 20 m2

2 ltr comp A + 2 ltr Comp B + 1 ltr thinner

Application; Brush or Spray

Spray equipment: Minimum 1.8 nozzle or a HB primer set up test atomisation on a test panel first. Viscosity will vary ie thicker in colder temperatures. All data is at 20c.

Application temperature: Can be applied to steel as low as - 5 c. The steel must be at least 3 degrees above the current dew point. ( see Dew point calculator on this site)

Thinning : Use only the Epoxy thinner supplied, this from 5 - 20% max.

Clean up : Clean up with standard thinner or gun ash, do not thin the coating with standard thinner as this will effect the paint cure.

Pot Life: You have around 2.5 hours pot life once mixed ( at 20c) longer at colder temperatures.

Shelf Life: If stored upside down in a dry store at around 20 c the product will last unmixed for a year, officially the shelf life is 12 months.

Disposal: Allow the mix to cure in your mixing cup and throw away as dry waste.

Safety; Use in a well ventilated atmosphere, use a respirator face mask when spraying or brushing in an enclosed space. See SDS on data sheet section.

Read : How to apply Epoxy Mastic PDF at the foot of this page.

View Video: How to mix Epoxy Mastic EM121, the product is typically very viscous and requires a correct mixing procedure and thinning with the supplied thinners

See Rust'ys tips for a really practical guide on how to use this product. Click on the Rusty Icon on the home page.

For more information please see the 'Epoxy Mastic Rust Proofing Paint' link under the 'Information' bar

The default colour is BLACK if you would like another colour please choose from the drop down list.

We can apply Epoxy Mastic to your vehicle or components at our Spalding premises for a quotation please call. See the attached PDF at the foot pf this page for the case history and pictures.


******** NOW AVAILABLE IN WHITE ********

Special colours not listed below can be manufactured in small batches minimum 5 Ltr kit including thinner total pack size ( a + b + thinner 5 ltr) contact us with your colour choice in RAL, BS and other international colour standards.

Downloads and Media

How to EM121

Independent product review P.Cusick 2015


Matt Tompkins Practical Classics Morris Minor coated by us.

FORD RANGER Coated in Epoxy Mastic for Ford Motor Company for the RNLI Case history

RB EM121 Test Data Rv2.pdf


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