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When rust proofing or using rust prevention products you will come across a lot of chemical substances, acid, alkaline, caustic, corrosive, irritants all sorts I think you get the picture. It is vital that you select personal protection equipment PPE for every task when using these type of rust proofing and prevention products. For s general discussion on conducting your own risk assessment go to our health and safety page. (Link)

Consider the items as go to use every time products.

Eye protection goggles protect your eyes from paint or chemical splashes. All ways wear when opening tins. Protection from flying rust or metal debris when cleaning steel. From sparks when grinding.  All ways protect your eyes and keep an eye bath solution handy in the workshop.

A2P2 Respirator, this will protect your lungs from noxious paint fumes and vapours. Vapours can arise when grinding paint or cutting rubber or plastic.

Dust mask use when grinding or sanding. Use all the time when creating dust or blowing clear with an air gun. On a classic restoration put mask on before removing brake pads just in case they contain asbestos.

Rubber Gauntlets, will protect against harmful chemicals right up the forearm

Vinyl gloves put these on before you start work and replace regularly as required. Not suitable for string solvents and petrol oils.

Plastic apron, we know you are all tough lads and ladies but really consider not soaking your clothes in chemicals oils or paints when defending or using. These are as cheap as chips.

Work suits Spray suits these will protect you from a messy job, they are ventilated and very comfortable to wear even in the summer. They have cloth elasticated cuffs and an elasticated hood for spraying. Super durable will easily last a week or longer even when used every day. A fit restorer could make one last many months these are not the cheap see through material, they are a good industrial standard work overall.




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