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For over 25 years Rustbuster have offered a full range of rust proofing services to all kinds of transport. Whether it's applying an underbody and cavity wax or bonding Rustbuster's EM121 epoxy paint to the chassis, we have the experience, products and application tools to provide you with a thorough treating of your vehice. All Rustbuster services are applied to a quality assured Iso9001 application system using only the very best products available, all manufactured in the UK.

This service has successfuly provided protection for thousands of vehicles, incuding both classic and new cars, vans and motor homes. It has also been applied to HGV trucks and trailers, farm machinery, plant and machinery, and vehicles for the RNLI and Bay Search and Rescue in the Lake District.

Rustbuster now offers 2 services, Full Hot Fog Rustproofing and Half Day Rustproofing. 

Our Full Corrolan Hot Fog Rustproofing,

This system has been designed for all types of vehicle and takes approximately 1.5days from start to completion. In this service all plastic wheel arch liners and undertrays are removed to fully expose the surfaces to be coated before removal of all loose rust, failing coatings, old loose wax etc. This service is available in Walsall, West midlands, Telford, Shropshire and Spalding Lincolnshire.

  • Steam cleaning of the undercarriage.
  • Cleaning with Chlor-X Salt Remover to remove any ingrained winter salt crystals and Traffic Film Remover to make sure all grease and dirt is removed from the vehicle to be coated.
  • Removal of all plastic wheel arch liners and undertrays
  • Dry the vehicle using a 10 hp warm air blast drier and infra-red heat.
  • Remove any loose layered rust and old flaking coatings back to a sound surface.
  • Convert any sound surface rust with our award winning Fe-123 molecular rust converter or soak with Corrolan Penetrator.
  • Application of Corrolan Pure underbody rustproofing. 
  • Injection of all cavities with HOT Corrolan Active cavity wax that penetrates deep into every crevice and seam to drive out moisture minimise corrosion.
  • Sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels, bonnets and boot/hatch doors are all injected.
  • Once all waxing is completed we will then re-install all plastics removed from the vehicle and remove any visible wax overspray.
  • Before collection all vehciles (size depending) are washed.

Our Half Day Rustproofing includes,

This system has been designed with newer/recently restored vehicles in mind, Rustbuster's half day rustproofing takes approximately 3 to 4 hours depending on vehicle size. No plastics are removed in this process, this service is not for heavily rusted vehicles. This service is available in Spalding, Lincolnshire, Walsall, West midlands and Telford, Shropshire.

  • Steam clean the undercarriage.
  • Clean using Chlor-X Salt remover and traffic film remover.
  • Removal of wheels, no underbody plastics or archliners are removed in this service.
  • Dry the vehicle using a 10 hp warm air blast drier and Infra red heat.
  • Application of protective film.
  • Underbody and Cavities primed with Corrolan penetrator if required or coated with Rust Reformer.
  • Injection of all cavities with Corrolan Active.
  • Sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels, bonnets and boot/hatch doors all injected.
  • Underbody coated with Corrolan Pure underbody rustproofing


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This video shows the full hot fog process and was filmed at Rustbuster, Spalding. Our approved centres follow the same process.

Product Reviews


"I was planning to have my car undersealed for quite a long time and after copious amounts of research I decided that Rustbuster was the one to go for and also a bonus that they're quite close to me. Very happy with the quality of work carried out and once I get my next car I will be certainly using them again. Keep up the good work guys. :)"

5 Start Product ReviewFIREFOX 705 - June 2019

"Our MX5 was undersealed at Rustbuster just over 2 years ago. It also has a check annually. Very pleased with the work done. Thank you."

5 Start Product ReviewMrs K.Chilton - May 2019

"I've had two cars superbly done at Rustbuster and am taking my F Type in on 5 June for it to be fettled. Full marks to Chris and the rest of the Rustbuster team."

5 Start Product ReviewMr D.Gilham- May 2019

"Very happy with the work done on my RS Focus today. The guys at Rustbuster were very helpful and all was explained. Very thorogh service and I thought it was a reasonable price for the amount of work done. They offer follow up yearly inspections and a flash drive with photos of all the work done. Was piece of mind for me knowing it's protected for winter and the winters to come. Well recommended."

5 Start Product ReviewMr J.Wright - November 2019

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