ARMAGUARD is an exceptionally versatile paint suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

• Car underbodies, such as chassis, floor pans, sills, foot wells, wheel arches, and suspension components, as well as engine bays.
• Yacht keels.
• Decorative ironwork, including gates, fences, and garden furniture.
• Steel structures buried underground.
• Bridges, tunnels, and canal boats.

ARMAGUARD offers multiple functionalities:

• It serves as a high-build all-in-one primer and finish coat with a super-hard finish comparable to powder coating, yet it can be easily applied by DIY enthusiasts.
• It can be used as a primer/barrier coat that can be overpainted with single or two-pack products.
• When used un-thinned, it acts as a surface filler, capable of filling pits in steel up to 500 microns deep.

What makes ARMAGUARD so effective?

ARMAGUARD integrates nano fine pigments with an epoxy resin that penetrates the surface to form a bond that will not flake or peel. It sets hard while maintaining flexibility with the surface to ensure superb adhesion. It has excellent impact resistance, and even when chipped, moisture cannot travel beneath it due to its primary bond with the surface.

Recommended Uses:

Self-Primed System: Can be used directly on substrates without the need for a separate primer.
Surface Tolerant Paint System: Effective even on less-than-perfectly prepared surfaces.
Intermediate or Topcoat: Suitable for use as a middle or final layer in multi-coat systems, particularly where low VOC emissions and high film build are necessary.


Low Flame Spread Material: EC-type examined and certified for low flame spread, making it suitable for use in environments where fire resistance is critical.


Low VOC: Environmentally friendly with reduced volatile organic compounds.
High Film Build: Provides a thick, protective layer that enhances durability and lifespan of the coated surface.

ARMAGUARD is ideal for use on car underbodies, including chassis, floor pans, sills, foot wells, wheel arches and suspension components, as well as engine bays. It has also been used in yacht keels, decorative ironwork (including gates, fences and garden furniture), steel buried underground, bridges, tunnels and canal boats.

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