The Future of Car Show Exhibitions

One week post the Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC, I’m eager to delve into reflections and share our own insights.

At Rustbuster, we’ve made it a tradition to participate in both NEC shows relevant to our business, along with numerous local and distant exhibitions like Beaulieu, Bromley, Shepton Mallet, Manchester, even venturing into Germany. We extend discounts at these shows, recognizing the physical strain of attendees carrying heavy purchases throughout the day. Pre-pandemic, car shows significantly bolstered our annual sales, but post-restrictions, we’ve yet to reclaim our former sales peak.

Clearly, dynamics have shifted.

Acknowledging the ongoing cost of living crisis, it’s evident that disposable income for non-essential purchases has dwindled.

In light of this, while certain grievances like parking fees, food expenses, and ticket pricing could be addressed with show organizers, it’s essential to explore what improvements we can make internally.
Are the days of spontaneous on-the-day purchases at shows dwindling?
Do consumers now prefer assessing their needs and purchasing later, even if it means a slightly higher cost?
Is the convenience of online shopping and doorstep delivery overshadowing the allure of in-person transactions?
What are your insights into consumer behaviours regarding purchases at car shows?
Furthermore, what’s your perspective on the evolving landscape of larger car exhibitions?

Please share this if part of a club it would be lovely to find out your views and if we can make some changes to our exhibition offering

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