The Amazing Benefits of Corrolan

The Benefits of using Corrolan

When it comes to protecting your equipment from the ravages of time, few enemies are quite as pervasive and damaging as rust. When you’re looking to rust-proof a car, protect agricultural equipment and construction machinery or to provide preventative maintenance for cabling and joints, corrosion is the number one enemy and Corrolan might just be your number one weapon against it.

The range of Corrolan products

Rustbuster Corrolan Ramsoil is a rust-proofing product created primarily from natural Lanolin. Working effectively as a natural barrier to rust and corrosion, Corrolan also comes in a variety of different blends, including the following

·         Corrolan Base: A viscous Lanolin blend, easy-to-apply barrier against moisture ingress oxygen and salt.

·         Corrolan Active: Specialised to better reach cavities that Base can’t reach, its low viscosity helps it penetrate further but reduced dry film thickness means a slightly short lifespan.

·         Corrolan Penetrator: A Lanolin blend with low hazard safety solvents, penetrating into seams and rusts, helping to break down corrosion before Corrolan Base or Corrolan Active are used to more thoroughly displace it. Can also be used to loosen or unstuck metal components that have been rusted together and acts as a general lubricant.

·         Corrolan Turbo: Low-hazard and odourless, this is a solvent accelerator effective in further reducing the viscosity of other Corrolan products in a safe and guaranteed method.

Depending on your needs, using one or more Corrolan product can help you quickly and effectively banish stubborn rust and provide the protection your vehicles and equipment truly need.

Easier to use

Thanks to the blend of Lanolin with a range of high-quality oils, Corrolan is less viscous than other rust-proofing products, making it easier to apply. What’s more, this helps prevent the animal fatty smell that you might find with other Lanolin products. Even heavier Corrolan products like Pure can benefit from reduced viscosity by applying heat or mixing with Corrolan Turbo, the non-toxic solvent. With a heavy oil-like consistency in summer and a grease-like composition in the winter, Corrolan Pure can easily be made more suitable to the job. Two coats, made over the span of an hour, can provide a long-lasting, effective barrier against rust. It’s easy to use with a rag, brush, or spray, but the Corrolan Rust Proofing Injection Kit makes it even easier to hit harder-to-reach places with the help of a flexible spray extension and a long injection probe

A hermetically sealed, non-conductive barrier against corrosion

Moisture cannot break through the seal that resists both acid and salt, which is one of the greatest contributors to corrosion. The long-chain Sterol Esters in Corrolan make it more effective at resisting water penetration, making it a perfect choice for at-sea applications, as well. Once applied, Corrolan won’t wash off, thanks to its self-healing barrier. This barrier won’t chip or crack over time, helping to protect the most vulnerable and vital structural areas from the damage that corrosion causes. Corrolan naturally starves metals of air, salt, and water. This makes it literally impossible for it to continue rusting. If you want to quickly shut down the corrosion process, Corrolan is what you should use to do it. Non-conductive up to 70kw, it effectively stops the electrical process that leads to corrosion.

Non-toxic, sustainable rust-proofing

All Corrolan products are made of lanolin. Also known as wool oil, this is a natural, non-toxic fatty acid. Environmentally friendly, these products are completely biodegradable, meaning you don’t have to worry about the potential impact on your environment as you might with products based on fossil fuels. There are up-to-20 amino acids in Corrolan’s natural state, which not only ensure fast biodegradation but also help it work as a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor. They bring all the advantages of Lanolin, but without the high viscosity and fatty odours. What’s more, lanolin is removed as a natural part of the sheep shearing process before the wool goes on to be used for clothing and home products, so there’s no waste of the materials used to produce Corrolan, either.

A safer product

Unlike other rust-proofing products, Corrolan is classified as non-flammable, meaning it’s safer both in transport and in storage. The solvents present in Corrolan Active, Penetrator, and Turbo are also hydrocarbon free and low in volatile organic compounds that evaporate rapidly with potentially negative consequences for both the environment and your own health. Thanks to that, they’re classified as non-hazardous for both transportation and storage.

Tips for using Corrolan

Corrolan is a machine’s best friend thanks to the sealing barrier that’s nonconductive and resistant to both salt and acid. It’s applicable for use in agriculture, construction, industrial, electrics, marine, oil and gas, transport, and automotive fields. Here are a few tips on making the best use of Corrolan in the case of rust-proofing a vehicle:

·         Power wash the underside of the vehicle with a traffic film remover and salt-removing products like Rustbuster Chlor-X.

·         Remove wheels and arch liners, manually scrub loose dirt or rust from the underside with a steel wire brush. If you have a rust converter like Rustbuster Fe-123, you can apply it now for pre-rust proofing cosmetic improvement.

·         Brush spray or aerosol a light coat of Corrolan Penetrator to the underside, cavities, inside doors, and sills/rocker panels.

·         15 minutes later, wipe away any Corrolan lying wet.

·         Brush or spray a full coat of Corrolan Base undiluted with extra attention to wheel arches.

·         Apply a second coat of Corrolan Base an hour later.

·         Wipe any excess Corrolan Base with a rag and some white spirit or Corrolan Turbo

·         Apply Corrolan Active into the vehicle’s cavities and any areas you can’t reach with Corrolan Base.

Take a closer look at Corrolan

Whether you need to use it for industrial, automotive, marine, manufacturing or any other purposes, Corrolan has the advantages you need in your comprehensive rust-proofing solution, as well as a range of other applications. With high rust-inhibiting qualities, sustainability, and biodegradability, Corrolan leaves its petroleum-based rivals in the dust. Try out this natural Lanolin-based product for yourself and leave yourself with no doubts about its effectiveness.

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