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Product Details


Fe-123 is a modern formula rust converter that is safe to use and delivers fantastic results. It is easily applied by brush after removing loose rust with a wire brush and is then overpainted for lasting protection.

As you can see on the test panel below, once a thin application of Fe-123 has been applied, the tannic acid in the Fe-123 reacts with the surface oxides and converts these to a stable ready-to-coat surface.

Product Reviews

” Used your Fe-123 Rust Converter which has done a great job on preventing the rust.”

5 Start Product ReviewMr A Pearson – May 2019

How does Fe-123 Rust Converter work?

Fe-123 envelopes rust at a molecular level, developing into a neutral layer between the metal’s surface and the atmosphere. This neutral layer reduces the ability of moisture and oxygen to penetrate the metal, preventing the migration of ions so that no chemical reaction can occur at the surface. The metal is then ready for painting/waxing for long-term protection.

Independent testing by Practical Classics magazine proved that Fe-123 not only converted the rust but also left a foundation that could be painted over without neutralising, coming out ‘best in test’ scoring ten out of ten points. We were also awarded ‘best in test’ by Classics Monthly in their long-term test results.

Product description A brush-applied rust converter for treating steel and iron before painting.
Directions Summary instructions are as follows:

De-grease the surface and then remove loose rust with a wire brush.

Shake the bottle, pour a small amount of Fe-123 into a separate container and apply by brush directly to the surface rust, working it into the metal. Allow the product around 15-60 minutes to convert (time taken will depend on the temperature – may take longer in colder conditions).

The Fe-123 will initially turn purple on contact with corrosion, and then once converted the metal will turn black. If this doesn’t happen there may not have been enough oxides present for the conversion to happen. Alternatively, it could also be too cold.

If any Fe-123 gets onto paintwork or bright (non-corroded) metalwork, allow it to dry and remove it with a Scotch-Brite pad before painting.

Once converted you can paint/wax straight over the treated surface. (But we DO NOT recommend that zinc-rich coatings are applied over the Fe-123 as the reaction and latex barrier have shut down the electrical connection with the steel that the zinc particles require.)

Please see How To Use Fe-123 Rust Converter for comprehensive instructions.

Cleaning Brushes and containers can be washed out in fresh water.
Shelf life Shelf life is 12 months if stored at around 20c, assuming the product is not allowed to become contaminated. Do NOT allow it to freeze.
Safety Fe-123 is classed as a non-hazardous product, but please wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye protection.
FAQs Can I use Fe-123 on clean metal? Fe-123 is a surface rust converter, if there isn’t enough oxidised iron present the conversion won’t take place.

I’ve painted Fe-123 onto bright clean metal and it’s not working. As with all rust converters they require the presence of rust to convert, if the dry Fe-123 has a milky/cream colour then you’ll need to remove using a fine scotchbrite abrasive pad.

Do I need to wash it off once converted? No, once converted (a dark purple colour) Fe-123 is ready to paint.

Can I use Fe-123 as a primer for EM121? No, Fe-123 is a rust converter and should only be used on prepared rusty surfaces.

How long can Fe-123 be left uncoated? This does depend on the conditions the Fe-123 is used in but after a month the chances of the metal re-rusting are increased.

How do I use Fe-123? Click here to learn how to use fe-123 rust converter.


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