Shipping of goods

Above you’ll see the shipping zones that we have to use to send our products, most of the products we ship are solvented paints, chemicals, aerosols or waxes. These have to be packed in limited quantity and only a select few couriers will take these liquids.
As you’ll see below the AB postcode in Scotland is in Zone T classified as Scottish Highlands and because of this we pay a premium and have to pass this cost on. I understand the argument that not all of the AB postal code is in the Highlands but this is what we have to work with.
If you place an order at and select select Scotland non AB post code and expect delivery to an AB post code this will be picked up and you’ll be contacted. Please don’t abuse our staff they are following the procedure we have in place.
We have never made money on shipping and will continue to offer the best deals possible.

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