Corrosion Free vehicle construction and restoration

Sika manufacture in 60 countries worldwide and are market leaders in the supply of sealants and adhesives for the OEM Automotive vehicle construction, Transport and marine industry.

Lord Fusor are a world class adhesive manufacturer used by many vehicle construction companies

Rustbuster are a distributer of Sika Industrial products. We have listed the Sika products into their Sika generic groups for ease of selection. Lord Fusor products can be purchased online or please enquire if you require more information.

The use of Sika products in your vehicle construction will reduce the corrosion potential substantially, we would be happy to advise you on the benefits please call.

Please feel free to contact Rustbuster About your specific sealant or adhesive requirements. Rustbuster offer a free adhesion test carried out on your samples at Sikas UK laboratories for absolute peace of mind.

For vehicle restoration construction or maintenance Sika have the solution. To enable our customers to keep a low stock inventory Rustbuster sell Sika products as one off items or in full cartons, for every item shown there will be a carton rate as a drop down option. Sikaguard, OEM Rust proofing materials.

  • Sikaflex adhesives for seam sealing, windscreen bonding, vehicle construction.
  • Sikalock engineering solutions, thread lockers, retainers and gaskets.
  • Sikafast hi- tech adhesives for specialist vehicle construction

Crevice corrosion

Corrosion in crevices is 400 times faster than corrosion on an open surface.

Crevice corrosion will form where the passive layer inside the crevice or seam can no longer regenerate due to insufficient oxygen within the crevice or seam this could be due to dirt or other contaminants blocking the seam or crevice, the area trapped within the seam will become more anodic ( less noble) than the surrounding surface steel.

Rust formation will occur as soon as humidity comes into play with the rust working its way out of the gap in the crevice. This type of rust formation can be up to 400 times faster than that of surface steel due to the lack of oxygen but presence of humidity.

These areas can be successfully treated with Fe-123 even within hidden cavities the product can be injected into the seams the hygroscopic action of Fe-123 will allow it to penetrate the damp substrate incorporate the moisture in the curing process and seal the rust within the crevice. If the problem area is an exposed crevice or a back to back angle of steel, then as much as possible of the area must be cleaned out and the fe-123 injected into the crevice.

Fe-123 rust converter can be used to treat crevice corrosion in back to back angles, panel interfaces and seams, tubing, steel structures, Bridges, Towers, Conveyors, vehicle chassis and any area of crevice corrosion. Where blast treatment, dipping or power tool cleaning are not an option. The application of an effective seam sealant eg. SIKAFLEX 252 either at new build or restoration stage is vitally important to prevent this destructive form of corrosion.

Panel adhesives

Modern construction methods make extensive use of adhesives, these form a high strength bond between metals and other materials. When two steel component are bonded together they are often stronger than a weld. The joint is rust proofed by making sure there is adhesive on the whole mating surface of the panels this ensures that hidden crevices are not present in the bond. The use of corrosion free fasteners and isolating sleeves ensures even further strength. Generally speaking on auto restoration, you can use adhesive bonding on any area that is not structural. If a panels fits by hanging or resting on anther panel then it can be bonded. Small floor repairs can be cold welded. The prep would be exactly the same as preparing for a hot weld repair. You still cut out the rot, you still fabricate the repair panel joddling edges etc. The steel has to be as clean as it can possibly be the repair panel also has to be clean bright metal. A coarse sanded profile on the steel will also be advantages to the bond. Epoxy Fusor adhesive or PC-7 repair paste can both be used the PC-7 is a very high modulus adhesive, whereas the Sika and Lord Fusor products come in varying formulations for every application. Fusor products can also be used for a very durable Epoxy Seam seal evident on many modern vehicles.

Insurance repairs

It is important to remember that since vehicles have been typed, crash tested and approved, adhesives have been used in their construction. A hot welded repair on a previously bonded vehicle will take it out of type and render its insurance null and void, maybe even a write off. Both Lord Fusor and Sika construction adhesives are approved for OEM type insurance repairs.

For more information on Cold Welding, SikaFlex bonding, Sika adhesives, Lord Fusor products and application equipment please call us for more information.

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