Corrolan Rust proofing application process and data

Step 1

Power wash the vehicle underside using a detergent traffic film remover (TFR) with the addition of a salt removing additive Rustbuster Chlor-X removing all salt, dirt and grease.

Remove the vehicles wheels and arch liners, inspect the underside of the vehicle for corrosion removing any loose dirt or rust with a steel wire brush or power tool back to good pitted steel. At this stage you may want to apply a rust converter Rustbuster Fe-123 to any rusty areas to improve the cosmetic appearance of the vehicle prior to rust proofing. The Corrolan system does not require the Fe-123 converter to work but using it will improve both the look and the performance on underbody rusted panels and components Cover brakes with a bag or cling film.

Step 2

Apply a light coat of Corrolan Penetrator by brush spray or aerosol to the whole vehicle underside and cavities, inside doors and sills/rocker panels paying attention to seams and joints in metal interfaces. After 15 minutes wipe away any excess Corrolan Penetrator that is laying wet on the surface.

Step 3

Apply a full undiluted coat of Corrolan Pure by brush or spray to the vehicle underside paying attention to behind the wheel arch returns, the wheel arches. A second coat can be spray applied after 1 hour.

Step 4

Inject Corrolan Active into every cavity of the vehicle, sills/rocker panels sub frames, chassis rails, doors, door pillars A B & C. Inside rear quarter panels, behind headlights and rear lights, behind bumpers, bonnet/hood seams and boot/trunk seams also on the vehicles underside and any areas you where not able to reach with the Corrolan Pure.

Step 5

Inspect the vehicle for any areas missed, wipe any excess Corrolan from body work exhaust, heat shields, etc. with a rag and a small amount of Corrolan Turbo or white spirit.

You will require;

High pressure power washer.

Lifting equipment or car jack and axel stands.

Steel wire hand brush or power tool.

Injection equipment Schutz gun or Pro-Wax injection system with injection probes.

Selection of paint brushes for application detailing and rags for cleaning.

Application Equipment

All of Corrolans products can be applied with the following equipment.

Rustbuster Pro-Wax rust proofing injection kit.

Lemmer HD-460 Professional rust proofing kit.

Airless spray 26:1 ratio drum at 2000 psi mounted pneumatic industrial pump with a 517 – 521 airless spray tip. See Assalub 26:1 rust proofing application kit.

Schutz gun spray, the Corrolan aluminium 1L containers will fit a standard garage underbody coating gun. The Corrolan 1 L container may be re-used, discard if the seal starts leaking.

Brush, or rag

Thinning and heating

Stirring; Corrolan Pure will reduce in viscosity as soon as it is stirred. Corrolan changes from a solid grease to a heavy liquid once stirred or heated.

Heat; Warming Corrolan between 20-40 degrees will reduce the viscosity and allow it to be sprayed without thinning. During winter months Corrolan Pure may have to be heated from 30 – 40 degrees using drum heaters. Depending on the ambient temperature.

Thinning; Thin using Corrolan Turbo safety solvent only. Thin to a thick oil consistency. Up to 30% Corrolan Turbo can be added to Corrolan Pure but will reduce the dry film thickness of the product by the same percentage. Corrolan Active and Corrolan Penetrator do not require thinning in most circumstances.


Clean Up; Clean up using Corrolan turbo.

Safety; Although essentially natural Lanolin non-hazardous product the use of Personal Protection Equipment is recommended. Goggles spray mask, spray suit and gloves. If you are allergic to Lanolin do not use Corrolan products.


Where possible store at 20 degrees c or higher. Colder or warmer storage will not harm the product only increase or decrease its viscosity.


Corrolan Pure,  Active, Penetrator and Turbo are all the property of Rustbuster Ltd, Spalding, England

Corrolan is a registered trademark of Rustbuster Ltd.

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