Why Do I need a Weld Thru Primer?

The purpose of a Weld-Thru-Primer is to prevent corrosion and rusting of the metal joints where two metal pieces are welded together. It also helps provide permanent rust protection on the inner edges of the welded metal pieces.

Corrosion free engineering is a reality using one of our weldable primers.

Rustbuster Weld-Thru Primer

A two-pack product consisting of a Zinc Paste and a second component curing agent. The curing agent is mixed into the Zinc paste into a free-flowing thin primer, the primer will cover a large area once mixed approximately 12 – 15 m2. Power too clean to bright steel both sides of the steel to be welded. The Rustbuster Weld-Thru primer will not produce noxious Zinc fumes so there is no risk of Zinc fever. The burn back from the weld is absolutely minimum, the weld has deeper penetration. Penetration is also quicker. Applying by brush will leave no marks dry and ready to weld in 20 minutes. For Lloyds Certified Marine certification please contact our technical sales office.

  1. Power tool clean all sides of the steel to white metal
  2. Mix and apply by brush to small areas or spray on larger areas.
  3. Apply to both sides to be welded exterior side and interior side of the weld joints
  4. Can be overpainted with any kind of primer build coat.
  • No zinc fumes
  • Excellent coverage
  • Quick drying
  • Better penetration
  • Reduced burn back
  • Rust proofs the inner hidden edges.

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