I know we at Rustbuster go on and on about salt removal its our soap box and we are on it all the time. Salt is the mighty mouse of the surface contamination world. It’s a ticking time bomb ready to ruin your restoration. The cost of repair compared to the cost of removal is ridiculous. We have the technology and the products to remove salt please use our salt removal products.

Remove salts from the surface, always assume that the surface is salt contaminated. Salt can come from so many areas, the atmosphere, contaminated blast media, rain etc. A good wash with a water based detergent solution such as Rustbuster SP10 pre paint prep followed by a further wash with Rustbuster Chlor-X will insure that you have done the best you can. For professional and industrial use, you can measure the salt contamination before and after cleaning with a Brestle test kit.

Did you know?

A single minute crystal is a 15,000 Psi pump sucking corrosion into your paint finish

A single salt crystal left on the steels surface can excerpt a pressure of 15,000 psi yes that’s fifteen thousand pounds per square inch of pumping power sucking at the paint film to draw moisture into the salt crystal. This will eventually succeed; the wet salt crystal will be the perfect rust cell. Resulting in a blister on the surface of your finished paint. On a nice sunny day this will pop revealing a wet rusty pit, if you are lucky it will be only one spot but more likely to be several blisters on the paints surface. How the heck did that get there? Well now you know, never underestimate the power of a salt crystal to create rust cells.

If you get lucky it will not pop out of your paint film but will corrode its way out through the steel and pop of the back in a rust hole. You always wondered how that could happen I am sure, now you know how and why. A multi surface primer will not cure the salt problem it has to go.

How to remove salt

There are three formulations of Rustbuster Chlor-X salt remover use one of these three methods.

 Wash the surface down first of all with Rustbuster Safer Degreaser. Apply Chlor-X DTS ready to use formula direct to the metal surface using the trigger spray bottle. Leave for 10 minutes and hose off.

2 Wash the surface down first of all with Rustbuster Safer Degreaser. Attach the Chlor-X 201 to a garden hose with a Hozelock type fitting to the end of the Chlor-X bottle. Set the mixture knob to maximum. Hose down the steel to be painted, the Chlor-X 201 will automatically meter the solution to the water. For regular car wash cleaning set mixture knob to minimum dose.

3 Chlor-X 100 can be added to Rustbuster Safer Degreaser at one part Chlor-X 100 to 10 parts Rustbuster Safer Degreaser. This can then be added to the dosing bottle on your power washer.



Do it right do it once

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