Corrolan The Natural Barrier to Rust and Corrosion

Corrolan is manufactured from the natural Lanolin found in sheeps wool, once extracted it forms a complex coating of long chain waxy esters with a surprising array of abilities that make it the perfect partner in the fight against corrosion and rust.

  • Acid and salt resistant, salt is the No1 enemy in the fight against rust.
  • Resists wash off, strong self-healing barrier that will not flake peel or crack
  • Hermetically seals, so that air cannot reach the steels surface.
  • Non-conductive to 70kw, corrosion is an electrical process.
  • Non-toxic, natural fatty acid found in nature.
  • Non-flammable, safe to store and transport.
  • Bio degradable, environmentally friendly.

Corrolan is the perfect natural barrier to rust and corrosion. Corrolan has further been blended to perform all of the tasks required to access all areas of corrosion. Corrolan is the powerful renewable alternative to petroleum-based rust proofing and maintenance oils.

  • Corrolan Penetrator is a low viscosity penetration and rust priming formulation.
  • Corrolan Active is blended to flow penetrate and protect cavities in a self-healing film.
  • Corrolan Pure is a powerful high build rust proofer for use in all exposed areas.
  • Corrolan Turbo adjusts Corrolan Bases viscosity with a Hydrocarbon free solvent.


Corrolan forms a clear nonconductive protective barrier resistant to salt and acid. Its natural self-healing film means that it never dries cracks or peels from the surface. Corrolan has the strength and versatility to be of use in almost every kind of maintenance situation.

  • Agriculture, on plant and equipment
  • Construction, on plant and equipment and as a concrete release agent
  • Electrical, protects battery connections and other electrical components from water ingress.
  • Industrial, literally hundreds of uses releasing rusted joints and maintenance.
  • Marine, wire rope grease, protects aluminium, brass and stainless steel revives GRP.
  • Mining, cable greasing and preventative maintenance, hundreds of uses.
  • Oil and gas, hundreds of uses, resists acid and salt, resists wash off, non-conductive.
  • Transport, rust proofing and preventative maintenance hundreds of uses.
  • Automotive, rust proofs cars from new easily removed and replaced for maintenance.
  • Home, maintenance in all areas. Can be used on wood, leather and hundreds of surfaces.


Corrolan is the future of rust proofing and maintenance products. Corrolans natural attributes make it the perfect partner in the constant fight against corrosion. A non-toxic non-flammable airtight seal that repairs itself, resistant to acid, salt and electricity makes it the perfect rust proofer.

Starved of air, salt, or water literally makes it impossible for the steel to continue rusting. Corrolan does all of these naturally. Once applied the corrosion process shuts down. This is not just sales blurb consider the following technical data.


Why it is so good?


Corrolan is manufactured to Rustbuster’s specification from a modified Lanolin keeping all of the natural attributes and qualities of Lanolin without the fatty odour often associated with products made from crude Lanolin. Corrolan does not contain Glycerol Ester but consists of Sterol Esters this means it cannot be described as a fat it is more accurate to call it a wax. The viscosity of Corrolans heavy Pure product is reduced by either heat or a non-hazardous solvent going from a high build grease to a heavy oil when warmed.

Corrolan contains long chain Esters which are able to resist water penetration in all conditions, on land or sea. Making it an ideal barrier against corrosion and rust. Corrolan is superior to rust proofing manufactured from Petroleum. Corrolan hermetically seals the surface preventing air and moisture reaching the surface, Corrolan is resistant to acids.

The Hydrolytic action of Corrolan is an important factor, it is a powerful emulsifier that via saponification of the water molecules is able to act as a surfactant lifting and incorporating the moisture, away from the steel. Corrolans self-repairing properties are also superior to petroleum-based products.

Amino acids form a natural cathodic corrosion inhibitor. Corrolan contains up to 20 Amino acids in a natural state. Amino acids are also bio-degradable another plus point.

The solvents used in Corrolan Active cavity wax, Corrolan Penetrator and the viscosity reducing Corrolan Turbo are Hydro-Carbon free, low in voc. So low Corrolan products are classified as Non-Hazardous for ease of transportation and storage. They are also odourless meaning that Corrolan does not possess the unpleasant fatty odour of other Lanolin based products on the market. Wherever possible we will try to package Corrolan in recyclable containers for example our one litre is supplied in aluminium containers. The Corrolan Turbo solvent is also reclaimable.

We believe that the rust inhibiting qualities, biodegradability and sustainability of Corrolan rust proofing products are unsurpassed. This natural technology has been captured and enhanced in every Corrolan product.

How do I apply the Corrolan system?

Rust proofing with Corrolan

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