Rustbuster Fuel Tank seal Slosh is designed for the sealing of fuel Petrol and diesel tanks.

This product has been tested with dilutions of up to 85% Corn Bioethanol without any breakdown of the coating. For successful coating you will need to follow this procedure to the letter. The tank can be used after 24 hours of sealing, but a period of 5 days is recommended.

Rustbuster Slosh is Suitable for Steel and Aluminium.

Seals pin holes of up to 500um in diameter, will also seal weeping seams. Any larger holes should be repaired using PC-7 Epoxy repair paste on the tank exterior prior to sealing the tank.

Warning! Will also seal filters if not removed.

How to use Slosh

Remove all plugs, fuel gauge sender units and filters

Inspect the tank for any loose rust or old fuel deposits

The tank should be thoroughly cleaned using Rustbuster Tank-Kleen caustic detergent and a power wash. Rust can be removed using Rustbuster Safer Rust Remover.

Top Tip

Put some sharp stones in the tank along with the Rustbuster Tank–Kleen this will act as an abrasive when sloshed from side to side and will scrub away any loose surface contamination. You can repeat this process for as long as it takes to clean the tank.

Power wash clean and leave to dry, you can force dry by-passing air through the tank.

When the tank is completely dry, temporarily block off the drain hole or sender unit hole. A damp tank or solvent left in the tank will set off a foaming chemical reaction

Put on some gloves

Pouring all of the tank seal into the tank move the tank from side to side and upside down to fully coat the interior of the tank when you have coated the tank put it down for 10 minutes, and then repeat the process. Remove the tank drain plug temporary bung and drain the remaining sealer back out of the tank into the tin. This product has an over coating window of 10 hours after 10 hours it will not accept another coat.

We strongly recommend the above 10-minute procedure and no other.

Top Tip

Do not drain the tank from the fuel filler pipe as this will almost definitely have an extended edge inside the tank which will prevent the sealer from draining completely.

Always drain via the drain plug leave to dry for at least 24 hours before filling with fuel , best if you can leave for 5 days. Do not leave thick deposits of tank sealer to pool in one area as this may set off a bubbling reaction while curing. Drain all excess sealer

The waste sealer will fully cure in the tin and can be disposed of as dry waste

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