99% of coating failure is down to poor surface preparation. It is vital that all of the following are removed prior to painting.

  1. Salt
  2. Grease and Dirt
  3. Loose flaking paint
  4. Loose surface rust

This can be achieved a number of ways,

Salt needs to be removed from the surface prior to any cleaning blast or mechanical cleaning of salty surface will push the salt into the steels surface.

Next degrease with a degreaser that does not leave an oily surface, all of Rustbuster’s degreasers are suitable for this purpose, any grease left on the surface can be blast or mechanically pushed deeper into the steels surface if not removed prior to rust removal.

Blast cleaning is obviously very effective but not always a practical option to remove rust and old paint in an auto restoration. Rustbuster surface treatment products will enable you to achieve the required surface preparation for a long-life coating system.

We offer concentrated degreasers, rust removers’ chemical and phosphate treatments all of which can be used out with the minimum of fuss. Care should be taken when dealing with rust removing chemicals so please take the time to have a look at the protection equipment at the end of this section of our web site. We strongly advise you wear safety equipment when using surface preparation products. For peace of mind and your health and safety consider using one of our SAFER solutions products.

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