Professional body shops are able to prepare, prime and finish in a controlled environment. When working in anything other than the perfect environment, atmospheric conditions and your primer’s ability to cope with them is vitally important. Easy sand body shop primers are porous and if not painted in a controlled environment within a specified period of time, will absorb moisture, this leads to corrosion.

For perfect results when restoring body work in a non-body shop environment you need the added protection of Rustbuster Custom Epoxy 421.

  • Non-porous pure Epoxy primer
  • Can be left exposed during the restoration without absorbing moisture.
  • Reduced risk of micro-blisters and corrosion Rustbuster Custom Epoxy 421 is the perfect base for priming
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • >GRP

Custom Epoxy 421 can be painted with either single pack cellulose or two pack finishes after a light sanding with a P320 abrasive

Custom Epoxy 421 is supplied in an 800ml comp A pack, a 200ml comp B pack, and 250 ml of Epoxy thinners, this is enough to coat 10 square metres (10 m2 ). Custom Epoxy 421 is available in Grey or Red. Body fillers can be applied before and after application of Custom 421.

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