Weldable primers, also known as weld-through primers, are specialized coatings formulated to facilitate the welding process. Unlike traditional primers, which are often applied for corrosion protection and improved paint adhesion, weldable primers serve a unique purpose. They are formulated to withstand the intense heat and energy generated during welding, while also creating a clean and weldable surface.

Key Benefits

Heat Resistance: Weldable primers are designed to withstand the high temperatures generated during welding without breaking down or emitting harmful fumes.

Clean Welds: By preventing oxidation and contamination during the welding process, these primers contribute to cleaner and stronger welds.

Reduced Splatter: Weldable primers can help reduce weld spatter, which is especially important in maintaining the quality of the weld and ensuring a safe working environment.

Time Efficiency: The application of weldable primers eliminates the need to grind away standard coatings before welding, saving both time and effort.

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