Monti MBX Bristle Blaster – Bristle Blasting a steel bridge

Bristle Blasting achieved the required surface roughness at a reinforcement project for Germany’s Kiel Canal viaduct.


Following the detection of rust and damage to the 460-metre canal bridge – a steel lattice formwork construction – work began to repair the structure and extend its operating life with the application of a new coating.

Surface preparation is the essential first step in any repair. The Bristle Blaster is a mobile, flexible tool and was the preferred choice for this large-scale project. It was used successfully in repairing rust and removing the viaduct’s 30-year-old coatings.


The Challenge

Rust and corrosion damage had developed over the steel structure’s 30-year operating life. The coating which had been originally applied to the steel bridge was now failing. An effective, mobile, and flexible tool was required to repair damaged areas ad achieve  an adequate surface roughness across the entire structure ahead of the application of a new protective coating.


The Solution

The Bristle Blaster is the world’s leading hand-held surface preparation tool. It’s the only hand-held tool worldwide that creates a surface cleanliness equivalent to SA2.5 (near white metal blast cleaning) This is a significantly improved surface profile in comparison to what traditional grinding tools can achieve.

Bristle Blasting is a new process that uses a specially designed rotary bristle tool for achieving both corrosion removal and an anchor pattern. These rotary bristles are DYNAMICALLY TUNED to the power of the tool, which results in impact and immediate retraction of the bristle tips from the corroded surface. The bristle tips strike the corroded surface with kinetic energy that is the equivalent to grit blast media, generating a texture and visual cleanliness that mimics the grit blasting process.

Recently completed tests have indicated that the bristle blasting tool can perfom on a par with traditional grit blasting processes. That is, corroded/pitted steel surfaces have been restored to a near white or white metal appearance after treatment. In addition an anchor profile that ranges from 65-83 microns is routinely obtained on standard steel.


The Results

The Bristle Blaster simply and effectively removed the existing 30 year old coating and prepared the surface of the viaducts rust and corrosion damaged areas.

11,000sqm of the steel structure was bristle blasted, ensuring it was ready for the application of an epoxy resin.

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