Factory Stone chip underbody protection

The Hidden Sins of Factory Underbody Protection


At Rustbuster we’re not fans of Factory Stone chip/Underbody protection due to its ability to hide whats going on underneath whilst trapping in moisture. As you can imagine a nice metal surface, moisture and oxygen leads to one thing, Rust!

These pictures were taken from a customers motorhome, on the surface the factory stonechip looked ok, soft to touch but relatively intact.

Upon scraping away an area this revealed a hole of rotten metal, some of it stuck to the back of the factory stonechip sample.

Vehicle manufacturers provide customers with around a 10 year anti-perforation warranty, if holes are found during this time they’ll fix any issues, the motorhome these photos came from was 14 years old and will end up costing the customer due to the high price of automotive welding. Whether your vehcile is a classic, modern classic or 10 year old vehcile what are you doing about your vehciles rust protection?

Rustbuster provide many innovative solutions in the fight against corrosion, whether its Salt RemoversRust Converters or RemoversEpoxy Coatings or Wax Underbody Coatings.

Do it right, do it once!

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