Type 4 Rail Car Rust Proofing

Type 4 Rail Car Rust Proofing

The maintenance of high speed railway rolling stock is something that requires expert engineering know how. Wabtec of Doncaster are one such company trusted with the maintenance of East Coast Railways Type 4 Railcars. Rustbuster where consulted by Interfleet Technologies now SNC Lavilan to advise them on the best way of applying rust proofing to cavity areas between a double skinned floor. The only access would be via 20mm holes drilled into the under body.

Rustbuster proposed the use of Fe-123 rust converter followed by Rustbuster Mil-Spec cavity wax.

Tests where carried out to ensure that Fe-123 was not only capable to convert the rust within the cavities, but also its abilities to travel into the damp areas that existed with hidden seams. It was clearly shown that Rustbuster Fe-123 was able to penetrate the damp substrate and migrate through to the steel. Rustbuster Fe-123 was also sublected to Fire propogation testing and was passed on the grounds that it will not add to fire propogation or create additional smoke.

Rustbuster Mil-Spec cavity wax was also subjeted to the same fire propogation testing and was duly approved for use on the refurbishment and maintenance of these type four Rail cars.

Both the Rustbuster Fe-123 and the Mil-Spec rust proofing wax where injected using a Lemmer 460 HD injection system supplied by Rustbuster Ltd

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