Salt contaminated Electric Fence

Salt Contaminated Electric Fence

Here is one to watch for the future, Nuclear power stations are positioned next to the sea for lots of good reasons. Due to the controversial nature of Nuclear power they have to be protected. The perimeters are often protected by an electric fence. Steel, wire and the insulators exposed in an extremely salty atmosphere soon build up huge amount of salt. Salt being the conductor it is kindly sets off the intruder alarms when it reaches a certain level and bridges the insulators.

At Rustbuster we have recently developed a unique salt removing surfactant Rustbuster Chlor-X that gets right underneath the salt crystals and lifts them from the surface of the steel, wire and insulators. With a regular cleaning regime of power washing with Rustbuster Chlor-X salt remover at a dilution of 100:1 the problem will soon be solved.

Rustbuster Chlor-X will remove salt from vehicles, trains, bridges, fences and buildings in fact any structure where salt causes damage will benefit from regular washing down with Rustbuster Chlor-X salt remover. The above case study prooves the point excellently

No salt no conductivity

No salt reduces corrosion.

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