Protecting Sea Tractors

Protecting Sea Tractors

When approached by the RNLI in Poole Dorset requiring a system specification for a coating that could withstand immersion in salt water and being hit by sand and stones at the same time we had no hesistation in recomending our Rustbuster Epoxy Mastic 121 system.

Click hetre to view work we copmpleted in October 2016 for the FORD motor company blue light division. We recieved a brand new Ford Ranger truck with instructions from the RNLI for Ford to have it coated in Rustbuster EM121 Epoxy Mastic to protect it from the rigours of use as a coast guard vehicle having to withstand being driven in sea water containing moving pebbles and sand. No tougher test we'd say,

Prior to using the system tests where made by the RNLI for salt water immersion and gravelometre testing for resistance to stone and chip abrasion. The Epoxy Mastic 121 passed the test and was specified for use on there tractor refurbs. For the last 8 years Rustbuster has been supplying the RNLI with its Epoxy mastic 121 product. The results have been so succesfull that new tractors are also upgraded to the Rustbuster Epoxy 121 system.

System specification.

Blast clean to SA 2.5 or MBX Bristle blast prior to application of two coats Rustbuster Epoxy Mastic 121.

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