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MBX Auto Blaster Kit c/w 6 x 11mm Bristle Belts .2 x LH, 2 x RH, 2 x Straight ,Reg & Swivel In Case £329.95 ex VAT
LH Auto Bristle Blaster Belt £19.95 ex VAT
RH Auto Bristle Blaster Belt £19.95 ex VAT
11 mm Straight belt £28.53 ex VAT
11 mm belt housing £16.50 ex VAT

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Product Information

MBX Auto Blaster Pneumatic Surface Preparation System


Removes Rust Sealant Undercoating Paint Gaskets and more in open and tight Areas


The MBX Die Blaster with it's patented Accelerator Bar was specially designed to remove corrosion in tight areas such as door rabbets, roof joints, wheel housings and to create a 'blasted surface' for superior adhesion.


The patented Air Cooling system extends the life of each MBX Die Blaster belt. The low speed of 2,600 rpm and the light and compact design of 2.4 lbs ensure a high degree work safety and an easy, flexible handling. The MBX protection guard can be adjusted due to suit the task and the MBX Accelerator Bar can be easily removed for surface preparation in hard to reach areas.


The MBX Die Blaster system reduces surface preparation time and delivers superior performance.

Remove undercoating, chip guard and sealers in seconds

Easily strips rust and paint to pore depth in seconds

Work in tight spaces, corners, contours, uneven surfaces - areas other tools can't reach

Rapidly remove gasket material and adhesives - no clogging of bristles

Create course sandblast, light sandblast or smooth finish as desired

Use the Eraser Wheel to strip vinyl from vehicle surfaces without paint damage



Superior Technology

The drive unit powers flexible belts inserted loosely in an adapter systems, centrifugal force spins belt outward against the adapter, creating an air cushion under the belt. This air cushion absorbs vibration, creates flexibility on the surface and maximizes kinetic energy as the bristles strike the surface

Rapidly removes corrosion and oxidation-both hard and soft material

Performs on uneven surfaces

Highly flexible in tight, uneven areas

No clogging or gumming of bristles

No grinding or removal of healthy material

Efficient cutting action-creates angular profile

Easily feathers into existing coatings

Cleans surface evenly

Full visibility of work surface

No heat development, no toxic fumes

Long performance life and low cost of operation

High safety level




Tool Weight: 2.40 lbs

Required flow pressure: 75 psi (5.2 bar)

Average air consumption: 14.2 CFM (400 l/min.)

Vibration: 1.45 m/sec2 (EN ISO 8662-1; 8662-4)

Sound pressure level: 84 dB (DIN 45635-21; ISO 3744)

Air pressure connection thread: 1/4"

Required hose diameter: 3/8"


Kit includes:

MBX Die Blaster

11mm coarse left-hand side

11mm coarse right-hand side

11mm coarse straight


Storage Case


For a product brochure go to our Data sheet section


For SA 2.5/NACE No2/SSPC-SP-10 and Blast cleaning anchor profiles go to MBX Industrial Bristle Blasting tools page.

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