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Accurate calculation of the current dew point at the point of coating application is essential to prevent the premature failure of coatings due to poor adhesion. This tool will allow you to calculate temperature humidty and the current dew point this coupled with a measurement of the steels temperature via a magnetic thermometer ( see item 008) will allow you to accurately calculate the correct temperature to paint. Which is 5 degrees C above the current dew point. A 4-parameter measuring instrument designed to provide accurate humidity, dew point and temperature reading results. Equipped with dual display, displaying 2 reading results at the same time. It also has special functions such as data hold, MAX and MIN values, backlight and auto power off and operates on three AAA battrries only.

The 8010 is a humidity and temperature measuring instrument. With a dew point calculation essential for all coating applicators. see also 008 Magnetic temperature guage






Measure Parameters: ?, ?, %RH(relative humidity), td(dew point temperature)

Range: -10...+50?, +14...+122?, 0...+100%RH

Resolution:0.1?, 0.1? ; 0.1%RH

Accuracy: ±1.0?, ±1.8?, ±3%RH(5...95%RH)

Sample Rate:1 time sec

Display: 4 digits LCD Display

Auto power off : About 20min

Dimension:121 x 60 x 30mm

Weight: 180g

Power Supply: DC1.5V (AAA) x 3pcs

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