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10 steps to the complete rust protection of your vehicle


1. Power wash or steam clean using CHLOR-X salt remover and a traffic film remover (TFR).

2. Remove old flaking paint, wax and loose rust and treat with FE123 RUST CONVERTER.

3. Drill 10mm holes for injection, including to gain access to any well known rust areas of your vehicle.

4. Cover exposed brakes.

5. Remove arch plastics and heatshields, and cover the exhaust.

6. At this time a decision needs to be made, what underbody finish do I choose?

  • TECHSHIELD UNDERBODY WAX - Firm film, high build wax, black. Inspection interval 1-2 years, re-coat after approx. 5 years.
  • CORROLAN PURE - Sticky film, medium build transparent lanolin, honey coloured. Inspection interval 1-2 years, re-coat after approx. 5 years.
  • TECHSHIELD HIGH TEMPERATURE CLEAR - Dry film, low build, 100% clear. Inspection interval 1-2 years, re-coat after approx. 5 years. 

7. Apply two coats of your chosen Rustbuster high performance wax to the car's underbody.

8. For heavy rust inside cavities pre-inject with CORROLAN PENETRATOR. 

9. Inject cavities and box sections with CORROLAN ACTIVE. Car manufacturers recommend a top up injection every year or so and we suggest a similar schedule.

10. Plug holes with 10mm plugs, applying a coat of underbody wax to the hole before fitting.


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