Latex bound rust converters can leave a surface profile, now whilst this typically isn’t an issue on the underside of a vehicle due to the film thickness of underbody coatings on bodywork this surface profile can be un-desirable. For this reason, Rustbuster manufacture a number or Acid and non-acid formulas.

So which do I need? Acid Rust Remover or Non acid? Acid based rust removers tend to show imediate results when removing rust but extra care is required in both the handling and the use of them. They are ideal when the product cannot be dipped but can cause damage to the substrate if left too long.

Non Acid Rust removers tend to work a lot slower than acid based products but the product will eventually return you a pristine example of what the product is like under the rust.

If you have any doubts what so ever about which chemicals you can use safely on your project please contact Rustbuster Before ordering as we will be happy to advise you. If you are wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) they are all perfectly safe to use.

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