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We have decided to de-stock Sika products to create space in our wax range for Corrolan, Techshield and Dinitrol. The above code will give you 30% discount on the remaining Sika products in stock.


Here at Rustbuster, we are interested in any product that can protect vehicles from the blight of rust, a problem which can affect the appearance or even the performance of your car if left unchecked. One company whose products regularly work towards this aim are those of the automobile chemical company Sika which aim to defend your car against unwanted rust and salt erosion. It’s for this reason that we are proud suppliers of Sika’s rustproofing and undersealing products.

The main thing we stock is the Sika-Gard brand, a competitively priced yet effective range of protective coating solutions for the body of your car. With three sets of products offering underbody coating, stone chip protection and a set of high-penetration cavity waxes, our selection of Sika-Gard products is exceptional at protecting both non-visible and visible parts of your car, along with trickier concealed cracks and crevices.

We also stock other useful products by Sika, such as the Sikaflex brand of adhesives. The 521 UV bonding agent can be applied directly to metal to bond new joints or seal weld repairs, while the 555 is designed specifically for fitting and repairing glass. Both of these adhesives can be prepared for by using a cleaning and activating agent such as Sika’s AD-PREP surface primer.

If you need to seal the rubber windscreen seals on your car, why not take a look at the SikaLastormer 710, our permanently flexible non-drying sealant? This can be used on all non-bonded windscreens that have a rubber frame.

You can rest assured that all of our Sika products will offer impeccable rust protection for your car. So why not contact us here at Rustbuster today? Please feel free to have a browse of our Sika products below, then give us a call to order them or request them from a stockist in your area.

Safety data sheets and technical data sheets can be downloaded in PDF form on each product page. 

For multi carton orders please contact our sales team on 01775 761 222 or email


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