Acid and Non-Acid Rust Removers and Rust Converters


As an alternative to mechanically removing rust, rust removers can deliver excellent results and reduce the need for sanding or grinding rust away. Let chemistry do the work rather than elbow grease.

When choosing a rust remover, a decision needs to be made between acid and non-acid removers.

  • Acid-based rust removers show fast results but extra care is required when handling and using them.

  • Non-acid rust removers tend to work a lot slower than acid-based products but still have the capability to return metal to pristine condition.

Both types are safe to use if you are wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

Please browse our products from the links below – and if you are in any doubt about which chemicals you can use safely on your project please contact Rustbuster and we will be happy to advise you.


Non-acid rust removers

Safer Rust Remover  Near pH neutral rust remover to remove surface rust. Also effective as a dipping solution to restore metal parts.

Eco-Cleaner Gel  Environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner and rust remover for use on steel, stainless steel, masonry and stone.

Purple-X Rust Stain Remover  A new generation pH neutral rust remover that will remove rust staining without damaging existing paint or varnish.


Acid-based rust removers

Phos-Kleen A Rust Remover  Fast-acting industrial strength rust remover that contains a hydrochloric and phosphoric acid. For commercial use only.

Phos-Kleen B Rust Remover and Phosphating Solution  A phosphoric acid based product that removes rust and prepares the surface for painting.


Rust converters

Where it isn’t possible or practical to remove every trace of corrosion, a rust converter will treat remaining surface rust prior to painting. 

Fe-123 Rust Converter  Rustbuster’s own rust converter, safe and easy to use. Winner of two major ‘best in test’ awards.

Hammerite Kurust  Transforms rust to a sound surface in 15 minutes, ideal for small areas of rust, stone chips and scratches.

Dinitrol RC900  Epoxy-based rust converter and primer that converts rust to a stable organic iron compound. 




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