Our Range of Acid and Non Acid Rust Removers/Converters


Rustbusters Rust Remover is manufactured in both acid and non acid formulas. So which do I need? Acid Rust Remover or Non acid? Acid based rust removers tend to show imediate results when removing rust but extra care is required in both the handling and the use of them. They are ideal when the product cannot be dipped but can cause damage to the substrate if left too long.

Non Acid Rust removers tend to work a lot slower than acid based products but the product will eventually return you a pristine example of what the product is like under the rust.

If you have any doubts what so ever about which chemicals you can use safely on your project please contact Rustbuster Before ordering as we will be happy to advise you. If you are wearing the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) they are all perfectly safe to use.


Phos-Kleen A Rust Remover


A fast-acting rust remover that contains a blend of both Hydrochloric and Phosphoric acid. 


Phos-Kleen B Rust Remover and Phosphating Solution


A 100% Virgin Ortho Phosphoric acid with a blend of cleaning soaps that will both degrease and remove surface rust, when left to dry on the cleaned steel it will leave a blue grey Phosphated surface that can be overpainted.

Ph Neutral products still require as much care during application as the acid products but do not require dipping.


Purple-X Rust Stain Remover


A new generation Ph neutral rust remover that will remove rust staining without damaging existing paint or varnish, from Chrome wire wheel etc, Boats Marine GRP, Caravans and Motorhomes, Railway carriages, Trams and buses, Concrete rust staining and any other area where unsightly rust stains need to be removed. Can also be used on aluminium. 


Safer Rust Remover


A completely acid free dipping solution for rust removal. Supplied in a concentrate to add to a dip tank. Safe to use on items of historic importance. 


Fe-123 Rust Converter


Is a rust converter applied to surface rust pitting and into seams and crevices after the steel has been wire brush cleaned, ready to paint in two hours. Ideal when the product cannot be dipped. 

Surface steel to be treated should be free of contamination grease and loose heavy layered rust before using any of the rust treatments. This will allow the products to both perform better and last longer.


Hammerite Kurust

Transforms rust to a sound surface in 15minutes, ideal for small areas of rust, stone chips and scratches.




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