LVLP and HVLP Paint Spray Guns


Most compressors will give you at least 125 psi, so the most important factor in selecting the right gun for you is to select a gun that matches your compressor's CFM (cubic foot per minute). This needs to be the free air driven (FAD) figure, not the displacement figure used to sell the compressor, which will be some 30% higher. For example, a compressor with a 14 CFM displacement figure will give you around 10 CFM free air driven (FAD).

LVLP: Low Volume Low Pressure spray guns, these work well with low CFM compressors e.g. 6-9 CFM at low psi. LVLP spray guns can operate at less than 10psi at the aircap, whereas a HVLP gun will operate at a minimum 10psi at the aircap and is usually pushed higher to acheive better atomization. LVLP has a higher transfer effiency when compared to a HVLP gun, meaning that around 70-80% of the product being applied and sprayed correctly will land on the surface being painted.

HVLP: High Volume Low Pressure spray guns generally require more air volume CFM but at low pressure.

Conventional: Use a reasonably high volume of air and often a much higher air pressure. Great for atomising paint.

Airless: Use hydraulic pressure from a pump to compress the paint and spray through a single spray tip with no added air to atomise. Excellent for spraying high build coatings unthinned.

DIY electric spray guns: Will spray low viscosity materials adequately but are unable to atomise high build coatings sufficiently.




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