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We have a comprehensive range of fuel tank sealers both internal and external all of our tank sealing products are resistant to petrol, diesel, oils, and solvents. All have been tested to be resistant to 100% Corn Bio Ethanol. We have also tested to current E10 with 10% Ethanol and the possibility of E15 introduction 15% Ethanol. At Rustbuster we use both Polyurethane and Epoxy technology our full range includes Tank sealers for Industrial Petro Chemical Plant bulk storage tanks. Please contact us with your specific requirements. For industrial fuel storage tank coatings, Novalac Epoxy and pipe line identification, Shell, BP, and other corporate coating colours please call.



A caustic detergent removes old tar petrol gum deposits from an old tank, comes with every slosh tank seal kit or buy seperately.

Slosh Tank Sealer

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Our original tank sealing formulation still Ethanol proof and going strong for 30 years now. For Bikes and car fuel tanks Steel, Aluminium and GRP ( not Plastic)

PC-7 Epoxy Paste

The king of repair paste petrol resistant, use to seal suspect areas seams welds and pin holes on a tank exterior, PC-7 is a fine paste not a putty stick.


Exterior Epoxy tank coating for sealing of tank seams and repairs after aplication of PC-7, stops Ethanol/Petrol fume bleed that can ruin a painted tank. Over paintable.

Old Fuel Tank Stripper

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This extremely strong Resin remover will strip an old flaking or failed fuel tank sealer.

Remember to check out Rusty's top tips below before you start sealing, get the job done right first time, you only get one hit with the Slosh tank sealer, getting it wrong is just so painfull and time consuming.




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