Corrolan The Natural Barrier to Rust and Corrosion


Corrolan is manufactured from the natural Lanolin found in sheeps wool, once extracted it forms a complex coating of long chain waxy esters with a surprising array of abilities that make it the perfect partner in the fight against corrosion and rust. Corrolan is the perfect natural barrier to rust and corrosion. Corrolan has further been blended to perform all of the tasks required to access all areas of corrosion. Corrolan is the powerful renewable alternative to petroleum-based rust proofing and maintenance oils.


Corrolan Pure: A grease like consistency in cold temperatures, in summer the consistency is that of a heavy oil. Use in any area where you want maximum protection

Corrolan Active: A self-healing rust proofing Corrolan oil for use in cavities and enclosed areas.

Corrolan Penetrator: A ready to apply lanolin oil with reduced viscosity and surface tension for maintenance or use as a primer prior to application of Corrolan Pure.

Corrolan Turbo: Low VOC low hazard safety solvent used for thinning and cleaning all Corrolan products. Safe on car bodywork.



Product Reviews

" Used Corrolan on my Hilux chassis as didn't have the time or weather to epoxymastic paint it. Very easy to apply and will be redoing next year to make sure I did a good job. So far 9 months after aplication it has stood the test of time. Only comment I would make is I should have enquired about colour of the product as the article by modern classics suggests it can be chosen, and would have preferred a black finish rather than the natural lanolin one, however it looks great. Can highly recommend"

5 Start Product ReviewMr D.Moodycliffe- April 2020





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