Anti Corrosion Formula -ACF-50

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ACF-50 can be used on vehicles just like aircraft. Application under panels and to hidden areas is as important as treating the exposed parts. ACF-50's chemistry protects the engine case/cooling fins, gear case, radiators basically all corrosion prone areas.

ACF-50 Capillary (creeping) action penetrates around bolts, screws and hardware protecting them from galvanic corrosion.

ACF-50 can be used to reduce corrosion on engine exhaust pipes and fasteners (smoking will occur on first start). For long term storage ACF-50 can be used on calipers/rotors but must be removed with an approved brake cleaner prior to vehicle usage.

ACF-50 should not be used on sensitive LCD/LED screens.

When to use it....

  • For Maximum protection ACF-50 should be applied twice a year (Spring/Autumn)
  • All year drivers should apply ACF-50 more frequently to exposed components depending on driving conditions.
  • before seasonal storage, apply ACF-50 after fianl wash.
  • Off road drivers will use ACF-50 more often due to the corrosive nature of mud and dirt.
  • Using ACF-50 as part of your preventative maintenance program will keep your vehicle running and looking like new.

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