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1 X 533MMX10M THREE IN ONE FOIL DAMP ROLL £19.99 ex VAT In Stock
3 X 533MMX10M THREE IN ONE FOIL DAMP ROLL £54.50 ex VAT In Stock

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The Anderton 3 in 1 Damp Proof Foil Paper has been specially designed to provide an effective barrier against mild to moderate damp and associated mould problems. This revolutionary damp proof foil paper features three layers of protection. The first is a layer of aluminium foil which creates a barrier against damp. The second layer is made from low density polyethylene which helps to regulate the temperature between outside walls and indoor heat whilst preventing discolouration and staining of wall coverings.

The Anderton 3 in 1 Damp Proof Foil Paper can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of lining papers and wallpapers, excluding vinyl wallpapers, to create a great look whilst offering protection from damp and mould. This powerful paper, will make a welcome addition to any home.

Before using damp foil on your walls try to identify where your damp and mould problem is coming from and remedy it first. If it’s an issue of  damp coming out of the wall Damp Foil is the perfect solution, but if you have rising damp, leaking gutters or dripping overflow pipes then do ensure that you treat these problems before using damp foil on your walls.

Once you have solved the damp problem, Damp Proof Foil can then be used successfully to prevent any remaining dampness in your walls seeping through and ruining your decor.

Recommended Adhesive: Damp Proof Foil Adhesive 500ml
Adhesive Usage Per Roll: 500ml (On Average)
Wallpaper Type: Kraft Paper, Polyethylene and Foil
Wallpaper Finish: Flat
Application: Paste the Paper / Check roll Direction before Hanging
Roll Size: 10m x 50cm Wide
Roll Coverage: 5 Square Metres

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