Well-travelled Mini is a Rustbuster competition winner

Well-travelled Mini is a Rustbuster competition winner

Friday 4 June 2021

One of the most-travelled Minis around is getting in shape for more adventures. Rustbuster products are helping to keep it rust-free and on the road for many more miles.

Towards the end of 2020 we ran a quick competition on our Facebook page - nothing complicated; just a ‘show us your car and we’ll pick the one we like best’ thing. We chose a racy little Mini as our favourite and made plans to meet up with owner Matt to present him with his prize of Rustbuster goodies – and take a good look at his Mini of course.

Unfortunately, a Covid lockdown followed a few days later and it wasn’t until the spring of 2021 that we could get together with Matt. It was worth the wait though. Matt’s Mini is a great example of a classic that may not be the rarest or most valuable, but is a much cherished labour of love. Best of all, it’s taken Matt on some fantastic adventures around Europe.


/Mini restoration and rustproofing 3.jpg

A true all-round rebuild

Matt bought the car in 2008 and has certainly put in the hours to get it where he wanted: “I rebuilt the engine and gearbox in 2011, and fitted a new MegaJolt ignition system, a pair of HS6 carbs, a custom oil catch and loads of billet stuff.

“I’ve also done lots of welding, repairing the floor and fitting new sills, doors, quarter panels, rear valance, scuttle and wings. It feels like it’s 50% new metal. The fuel tank was also refurbished, with Rustbuster’s Slosh Fuel Tank Sealer applied as part of the process.

“Once all that was done I put in about 30 hours flatting everything back before painting. I’d always wanted to paint a car myself and this was the opportunity to do it. The finish isn’t perfect, but pretty good for a first attempt.”

Throughout the project, Matt tackled corrosion everywhere he found it. He uses Rustbuster’s Fe-123 Rust Converter ‘on pretty much everything’ and says it’s the only rust treatment he’ll consider using. Fe-123 converts rust to a stable surface ready for painting or coating with a wax or lanolin-based protection product.

Matt is an engineer by trade and uses laser cutting and fabrication equipment in his day job. He’s putting these skills to use on the Mini, with a custom-built dash already installed and door caps and rear shelf to follow. The whole of the interior has been attended to, including with the fitting of seats from an MX-5.


Hitting the road 

This is one classic that is definitely giving its owner tonnes of fun. Matt has taken it around the Nürburgring, along the Stelvio Pass in Italy (via Switzerland and Austria), from Land’s End to John o’Groats, on the London to Brighton Mini Run and to numerous car meets. He also took it on a ten-day tour of Ireland, complete with a visit to Father Ted’s house (no, it’s not really on Craggy Ireland).


Mini restoration and rustproofing Mini in front of Father Teds house.jpg


Well done to Matt on winning our competition, and thanks again for a great hour looking round the car and chatting about all things Mini.

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