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Q. How do I kill rust?

A. Rust is a natural process, it can be stopped by not letting the steel come in contact with air and water? The quality of the chosen treatments and barrier coatings is critical to your sucess in treating rust

Q. Why should I pay more for Epoxy-Mastic when I could use an ordinary paint to the same effect.

A. Rustbuster Epoxy-Mastic can be applied to a rusted pitted surface with outstanding results. True even an ordinary Dulux type of gloss will provide a barrier against air and water for a period of time but it would require routine maintenance and will not withstand salt water stone chipping and engine oil and petrol and should not be applied to anything but a suitably prepared surface. Epoxy-Mastic will do all this and more. It's very small molecules flow into every pit on the steels surface before linking and chemically curing to an exceptionally strong penetrating flexible coating that will last for years.

Q. How do I treat rot.

A. You cut it out. Rotten steel cannot be treated.

Q. Should I apply fe-123 converter before the Epoxy-Mastic.

A. fe-123 is a converter for the treatment of rust (ferrous oxide) fe-123 will convert ferrous oxide (rust) to iron tanate, bound in a latex binder. Fe-123 needs to be applied to rust to work. If you have prepared your steel with a powered wire brush you will have removed most of the surface rust and in this case you should use the Epoxy-Mastic, applied direct to the pitted steel. However where you have badly pitted steel or hidden seams it would be benificial to use the Fe-123 followed by the Epoxy-Mastic, if in doubt please ask first.

Q. So why use the fe-123 converter.

A. Sometimes it is not possible to see the rust in hidden cavities or seams on these occasions the fe-123 is the only thing that will work well. Or you may want to convert the rust and paint it with conventional products not the Epoxy-Mastic, in this case fe-123 makes an excellent base to start from. But remember "fe-123 should be applied to a rusted surface or a power tool cleaned surface where rust may still be present within pits in the steel." fe-123 is also recommended prior to the application of a cavity wax if you know hidden rust is present. If you are in doubt please ask first.

Q. Can Epoxy-Mastic be painted over

A. Yes you can paint Epoxy-Mastic with single or two pack paints.

Q. Can I apply Epoxy-Mastic over an existing paint coating.

A. Yes you can Epoxy-Mastics very low solvent content means that it will not react with other paints.

Q. How do I apply Epoxy-Mastic

A. By brush roller or spray

Q. Do I need to wear special air fed breathing equipment to spray Epoxy-Mastic.

A. No you only require a cartridge filter respirator suitable for paint fumes exactly the same as used when spraying any other paint.

Q. Do you have a wax injection diagram for every vehicle.

A. We have hundreds of injection diagrams these are readily available to our customers when they purchase sufficient Dinitrol products to complete the job. Not all manufacturers would have commissioned a drawing from Dinol so in these cases a drawing will not be available. We have drawing archives going back to the 1950's please ask and we will do all we can to trace a diagram for your vehicle ( this service is unavailable to those not purchasing Dinitrol products from Rustbuster Ltd )

Q. Can I get a Warranty from Rustbuster Ltd

A. We Warranty all of our Rustbuster products against defect and to be of the highest quality and if applied correctly will give you years of lasting protection. For an indication as to routine maintenance for you specific application we would be pleased to advise you further. We cannot however guarantee the quality of your own preparation and application.

When using our rust proofing service we offer an annual inspection and touch up for the sum of £50.00 + vat. So once you have had your initial rust proofing visit we will keep your vehicle rust proofed for £50 + vat per year.

New car warranty, on new cars we are able to rust proof using our Rustbuster Corrolan system that will not effect your main dealers ability to see or service your vehicle. If applied from new (or up to 3 years old if the vehicle qualifies) we will warranty all of the structural members of your vehicle on a repair or replace basis, all you have to do is keep up the annual service £50 per year + vat.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these valuable questions and answers. If you would like to know more please email your question I have a question

Q How to rust proof my car article by Rob Marshall of Car Mechanics Magazine

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