Another happy customer

Another happy customer

Thursday 30 May 2019

We always love to hear from our customers and it's great when there happy, please see the email received below from a satisfied customer, 


Good Morning,

Some time ago i had purchased some POR-15 and painted my Reliant Scimitar chassis with it. It was a long winded process that seemed to take forever. All i can say is that the results were incredibly disappointing and i was not impressed. I ended up stripping the chassis back to bare metal...again. I then used your FE-123 Rust Converter which has done a great job on preventing the rust.
I purchased some EM121 paint a while ago after reading numerous reviews to use on the aforementioned chassis and last weekend i eventually got round to brush painting it. 
I am REALLY impressed with several factors.  
  • How much coverage i got from the small amount i mixed (50ml of each with 10ml thinners).
  • How well it applied and the lack of mess, no runs, no brush bristles.
  • How long the mixture was useable for.
  • The quality of the results.
The POR-15 is now resident in the bin and any further products like this will be purchased from yourselves. I will definitely recommend your EM121 instead of POR-15. 
Hopefully this year will be moving to the coast so that will be a good test for numerous products.
Keep up the good work.

Alex Pearson


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