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Rustbuster are the only vehicle rust proofing experts working to an audited ISO9001 approved sytem. If you are comparing prices please consider this before booking, if an applicator is not washing your vehicle, or is not removing the under arch plastic guards or the front crossmember covering engine tray then he cannot do the job properly. In our opinion the cavities should be injected, a cavity wax not only protects it also sinks deep into the seams within the vehicle. On arrival we will offer you a schedule of works to be signed before we undertake the work, when the work is completed we will sign a certified declaration that all of this work has been carried out on your vehicle. You get to keep both the Certificate and the full schedule of works you signed for to keep with your vehicle file. We have found that this can increase the sell on value of you car.

Terms and conditions and our sample quotation are both at the bottom of Rust proofing price list page, click link at the foot of this page. 

  • Your car is steam cleaned using Rustbuster CHLOR-X salt remover with the patented MOSSMATIC high pressure undercarriage cleaning system.


  • Your vehicle is then moved to our workshop where it is dried using infra red and air. We use the US Master blaster warm air system. for a bone dry vehicle within 60 minutes of steam cleaning.


  • Any under body plastic protection is removed prior to treatment, we remove Arch Liners, Underbody plastic tyrays, engine under trays.


  • Once dry any loose rust or failed coatings are removed from the vehicle underside using hand tools and  the MBX Bristle Blasting system.


  • Surface rust is treated with our award winning Rustbuster Fe-123 rust converter and allowed to fully cure. ( Ask if other rust proofers do this )

  • For the full rust proofing service all of your vehicle cavities are then injected. Sills, chassis, subframes, doors,  A,B & C pillars, hatch doors, boot and bonnet seams using the Canadian Hot Fogs high presure airles injection method with hot Rustbuster 3125 cavity wax. The underside only service does not include anything above the door sills but does include the rust treat ment and injection of sills and subframes, chassis rails, out riggers and cross members.

  • The final application is of a High Performance Black underbody wax, exactly the same product used for MOD vehicles. All of the suspension and underbody is coated, excluding the Brakes Hubs engine gearbox, driveshaft and exhaust.



     Click here to go to our Rust Proofing price list


  • Welding repairs by our fully qualified staff will be made prior to rust proofing. Any unexpected rot will be recorded and you will be kept informed at all times prior to any work taking place. All weld repairs are cleaned and coated with Rustbuster Epoxy-Mastic 121 the actual weld is seam sealed with Sikaflex 521 UV prior to being coated with Dinitrol 4941, we can keep a photographic record for you of all weld repairs on a USB stick for a fee to cover the cost of the 4mb srick £5 + vat.

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On you vehicles rust proofing anniversary wash the underside and book the car in for an inspection, we will check over the cars underside and touch up with under body wax if required. All of this for only £50.00 + vat. On the 6th year we will re-inject your vehicle and coat the underside where required for 50% of the cutrrent full rust proofing charge.


We are able to offer a full restoration service from our own Spalding workshops you can see samples of our work on our gallery page or ask us for a link to our drop box for full HD pictures of our fabrication work. We have access to all areas of vehicle restoration.

Please feel free to enquire.


All of the following pictures are of vehicles that have visited our rust proofing workshop we are able to offer a full welding and body repair and painting service.


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